Performance and Scalability


The foundation and architecture of the Inventory II solution have been designed with specific regards to high performance and scalability. The unique design patterns such as the Watermark and Snapshot technologies have been chosen to address these issues.

High query performance is ensured by a combination of Watermark technology and avoiding joins in queries in the central transaction processing.

High scalability is ensured by the clean insert approach. This means that the process of updating on-hand levels is based on pure record-inserts, thus resulting in no wait time due to concurrent users attempting to update the very same records.

The results of this architecture are revolutionary:

Blocking lock issues in inventory are nonexistent. The improved concurrency will set new standards for scalability.

Inventory inquiries execute incredibly fast, independent of transaction volume, even on historical data.
True cost prices are calculated real-time, but individual users are not affected by this processing since it is handled by a smart and very efficient background process.