Intelligent reservation


Rule based reservation levels
With the introduction of reservation levels a new degree of flexibility is applied to the inventory. This will allow for reservation at less detailed levels, e.g. reservation at a warehouse without determination of location or batch at the time of order intake. Reservation levels can automatically be further specified prior to the time of picking to include e.g. what specific location to pick from. The process of picking is now a matter of reporting what specific items were picked: e.g. batch number, serial number, etc.

FIFO/LIFO reservation and picking order
Inventory II allows for controlling and optimizing the order in which on-hand levels are selected for reservation. A FIFO or LIFO reservation order can ensure that the oldest or newest goods are reserved and picked first, while a reservation based on location sort codes can ensure that the process of picking is optimal according to physical locations. Other strategies such as reservation according to batch expiry date can also be applied.

Restriction rules
Inventory II allows for applying various restrictions on which on-hand levels can be reserved. This could be blocking upper-shelf locations for reservation or simply blocking all buffer locations or blocking for reservation on expired batches, etc.

Time fence controlled reservation
Reservations can be delayed and auto-established when issue transactions (e.g. sales order lines) are within 'n' days from the expected delivery date. This way on-hand levels are not occupied by sales order lines for delivery way out in the future. The time fences can be setup to cooperate 100% with the Master scheduling so that whenever re-ordering the items is no longer time-wise possible, the reservations are automatically established. 
Transferring reserved items
Reserved inventory items can now be transferred. The warehouse staff is free to manage the warehouse in an efficient way not having to struggle with restrictions on reserved items.

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