Smart Reservation


With Smart Reservation optimal allocation of inventory on-hand is ensured and the delivery capability for sales orders is optimized to the best possible level. The solution can be implemented on top of all Dynamics AX versions and is available as an integrated part of Inventory II or as a standalone Plug & Play module.


Smart Reservation is "smart" because it replaces the general reservation functionality with a much more intelligent allocation and reservation mechanism that does not blindly allocate the physical on-hand for the first coming sales orders regardless of their delivery dates. Smart reservation calculates the optimal allocation profile based on delivery dates, priorities, existing on-hand levels and coming receipts. This allocation profile is utilized by the “background reservation” to obtain physical reservations for the sales orders to which physical on-hand has been dedicated. This process is time-fence controlled, which means that physical reservations first kick in very close to the time where picking should be initiated. This methodology ensures an ultra-flexible system with maximum fulfillment of sales orders – it is simply the optimal allocation.

* Real-time delivery capability calculation (optimal ATP) to ensure the best possible delivery reliability to customer

* Intelligent time-fence controlled reservation based on the optimal ATP profile, so that the optimal allocation is enforced

* Visual overview of complete sales orders, illustrated with "traffic light display" per order line

* First possible delivery date is displayed for shortage lines.


Smart reservation is illustrated with a traffic light function that makes it quick and easy for the sales department to get an overview of the supply situation.
Green light means that a sales order line can be delivered on time and that it is logically allocated to physical inventory.
Yellow light means that a sales order line can be delivered on time, and that it is logically allocated against a coming receipt.
Red light means that a sales order line cannot be delivered on time. Simultaneously first possible delivery date is displayed.

Realtime delivery capability


Real-time delivery capability calculation (optimal ATP). Optimal fulfilment of as many sales orders as possible. While taking priorities, delivery dates, quantities, on-hand levels and coming receipts into account, the optimizer will calculate the ultimate optimal allocation profile.

Physical reservations are obtained by the background reservation component. The background reservation adopts and acts upon the optimal ATP profile so that only sales orders that according to the profile should allocate against physical on-hand are reserved.

The optimal ATP calculation is performed real-time for complete sales orders and the result is visualized using "traffic lights" so you can rapidly, through the traffic light colors, get an overview of the delivery capability for complete sales orders.

The process is illustrated by the following:
In standard Ax reservations are based on a “first come first serve” approach. The first sales orders to be entered will therefore reserve the physical on-hand levels, regardless of actual delivery dates.

In the Allocation via traditional reservation scenario, Order 1 will reserve all of the existing on-hand levels and most of the coming receipts from Purchase 1. This means that Order 2 and Order 3 cannot be allocated and thus not be delivered on time.
In the Allocation via smart reservation scenario, all customers will be able to get their goods on time because Smart reservation is able to calculate the optimal allocation and with the support of the background reservation ensure that the correct sales orders are reserved against physical on-hand when the dispatch process is close to be initiated. Logistics department is therefore released from the ongoing tampering with reservations for satisfying customers.


SMART RESERVATION is developed in collaboration with Abena, Svendsen Sport and Rosendahl Design Group.
Per Munk Nielsen (Logistics Director at Rosendahl) says: "I have as responsible for the logistics department for years spent a lot of time re-arranging reservations to ensure that my customers receive their goods on time, these days are over after we got Smart Reservation. The solution has released a lot of resources in logistics and customer service departments”.

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